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Instructions for Using Team Project Page Template

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Instructions for Creating a Team Project Page (using a pre-formatted template)


  • Step 1: Navigate to the "Team Projects" Folder on the Student Work Part of the Course Site.


  • Step 2: Create a new page. 
    • When you are in a folder, the "Pages & Files" tab in the editing interface will be selected. To start the process of creating a new page, click on "New" and choose "create a page" (not "folder"). When asked for a name for the page, make a file name in the format, "Jane Smith - Research Report"
      PBWorks Create New Page tabs 
    • Before you actually click the button to create the  page, choose one of the pre-made templates for the page.  In this case, choose the Team Projects template:
      Create a page dialogue


    • This will  pre-format your research report so that that it appears as follows. Then just replace the boilerplate content on the page with your own content. (Remember to save your page as you work!)

      Example of a team project home page







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